ADD-02 - The Cleatus Orchestra Trio - God Bless Cleatus Orchestra

On principal we're against posthumous releases in any form, however we're making a one time exception to this rule. The Cleatus Orchestra Trio was a band formed by Cleatus Orchestra late in his life to realize some compositions and jam out. They only ended up releasing one album prior to Cleat's passing. They made this album in the year 2022, however Cleatus passed shortly before it's completion. It features some of the trio's best work. Originally named after a long held conspiracy that the Beatles copied Cleatus Orchestra's sound (the Cleatles), later renamed as a tribute to the late legend, this is sure to please. Genre-less psychedelic sounds, echo-y, muddy, drifting, as funky as it is depressing. Grimy.

May Cleatus Orchestra rest in peace (????-2022)